Friday & Saturday

The club is busy throughout the weekend. Everybody likes weekends and Black Diamond is the Gentlemen's club to go.

Dancers love Fridays and Saturdays

Some of these ladies have ordinary jobs and their job as an erotic dancer is under cover. They use the weekends to earn some extra money, to pay their mortgages or rents, to cover their university fees.  Among these ladies there are teachers, office workers, photographers, students or guest strippers who used to work and live in the UK and are here for a night only.

The choice of girls during the weekend is always bigger than the rest of the week. If there is a thematic night or a monthly club event the club will be full, so book your table a least three days in advance.

Regardless that we are busy and we get our customers by default we always run promotions on Friday. You can ask for promotions at the club or check our online packages.

You will receive a 10% discount if you book online. It saves us time and help us plan better.

  • Early bird packages /21:00 to 23:00/
  • Dance Only Packages
  • Dance and Drink Packages
  • Events and Thematic Nights
  • Table Reservation Only


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